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Well done, Francis. I think this may be as concise and helpful as possible.

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The candidate's experience is important. Your company's reputation depends upon it. There is NOTHING WORSE than interviewing a candidate with say 6 people who all ask the same questions. UGH

Also, give the candidate feedback during the process, and don't be afraid to tell them about the process

It is like an open-book test in college. If the process focuses on open-ended questions, you just can't fake it

That is why behavioral interviewing is so powerful

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Hello Francis, this article is an excellent starting point.

Here are some thoughts

1 when you and I worked at Sapient, we used behavioral interviewing. You may not have participated in it, but it is a powerful framework

2 part of the interview process is to have a master plan, where EACH interviewer has a role to play in understanding decision-making, interpersonal skills, leadership, and ability to collaborate. Of course, there is the technical interview,.

3 the plan is so important because each aspect being probed needs to be related in feedback to the coordinator immediately afterward

4 during the entire process, the candidates must be treated with respect. Remember, if they don't get the job, they could wind up as a client or partner.

5 it is not enough to send in the closer at the end. If you want the candidate, you need to have each interviewer UNDERSTAND that they are probing and SELLING.

6. The company needs to keep in mind the COST of hiring a poor fit. The lost training, the bad feelings, the poor performance, and the cost of going back to the process to fill.

7. The cost is not trivial if your company considers itself exclusive. You might process 20 candidates to find one. How many hours lost is that?

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Completely agree Shep. I remember my days at Sapient fondly. I can't think of having had a better start to a career. Completely agree with all your points especially on selling at every stage. The market is so competitive. Shame on us if we don't present the best representation of our organizations. Thanks for reading and contributing.

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