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too often , if you have been "comfortably numb" in a role and have been laid off, it is time to put on some "good music" close your eyes and remind yourself why you had liked that position/ role / company and or culture. What's next starts with "who am I am now" "what do I want to do"

To make sure you truly put it all in perspective, REMEMBER - since the year 2000, 52% of the Fortune 500 have been displaced from that list. Despite the reach , the labor arbitrage, tax and regulation avoidance, and all that capital, 52% have failed to keep their hold.

That perspective is necessary.

You also need to go back to your resume and LinkedIn profile and take a look at what you say you do, what you say you are. and what you want to do now

One thing is certain make a habit of doing this every year at winter break

Your network is you biggest ally, use it

and if you have gamed enough experience, look to have greater agency in your next role

it is easy to panic, especially if money is tight and expenses are large. But learning new stuff while waiting is essential. And you might have to take contract work , if you do, consider creating an S Corp LLC in the USA, it might help.

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