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Hello Francis, great article and i do know who PP is :<)). I was born and raised in NYC. So I get what you are saying. I as a Brooklyn kid through and through. And when I or any of my friends gave "feedback" LOTS OF 4 LETTER WORDS were invoked. Through HS and then college in upstate NY, I told people "what it is" in some interesting terms. But college also made me aware and as my responsibilities grew, I had to clean it up. My 1st 18 years in IT were all Wall St. The dichotomy of being "professional" while dealing with a myriad of "cultures" many of which used curse words as the primary mode of communication, made for an interesting path.

When I met you "young ones" full of fire and extreme confidence, I had about 20 years in the business and had to smile as I saw reflections of my younger self. Language and behavior is about how we interact. Conway's law shows how much that means in terms of building good solutions. The interface is everything. But it needs a principle and that is EMPATHY. Which was so amazing when MIT Design Thinking courses have shown empathy is the most critical factor in successful outcomes.

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